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Chateau Saint is what happens when Oh Wonder invites Halsey and Chvrches over for a midnight séance. Their music conjures dreamy harmonies, haunting tales, and pulsating beats; an ethereal exchange of soul-stirring melodies, dark confessions, and electrifying energy.”

New Single 'Love Me Now' OUT October 20th 2023

About Love Me Now

 Vices of the night call your the rush of danger worth the consequences? A provocative, raw & unapologetic glimpse into the battle between temptation, self-sabotage & loyalty in relationships. Intense female lead vocals & male harmonies soar over seductive synths, tribal beats & a moody baseline, culminating in an emotional chorus that begs the million-dollar question: Do you love me now? A Pacific Northwest duo seasoned by a decade in LA’s eclectic pop-rock sound scene, Chateau Saint brings their 3rd straight hit set to drop on October, 20th 2023.

Previous Releases

About the Band

Crafting songs with addictive melodies and hypnotic beats, Chateau Saint is no stranger to genre-bending, blending Alt-Pop, Folk, Electronic, House, and Indie with ease. A Pacific Northwest duo seasoned by a decade in LA’s eclectic pop-rock sound scene, Aimee Layne and Nathan Lee draw on their indie/folk/southern rock roots while delving into their affinity for intoxicating Electro and Dance-Pop. After first drawing attention with their self-released high-energy Avicii-inspired folk-house tracks, they ventured into sultry dark-pop with the release of the warmly received ‘High On You’, followed by the Kygo-inspired collaboration track ‘Beautiful Life’ with established producer SHKHR, which emerged under the banner of Chapter 8 Records, in September 2023. The band’s newest October release, ‘Love Me Now’, weaves intense and soulful vocal harmonies with seductive synths, tribal beats & moody baselines in a provocative & unapologetic exploration of human vulnerability. A dynamic cumulative sound born from the duo's experiences traveling and playing up and down the West Coast, Chateau Saint continues to craft melodies that linger, promising a future that unfolds in rich, ever-evolving soundscapes and expressions of a transformative sonic experience.

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